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Application process

  • What should I prepare and send for the admissibility stage?

    For this stage you need to provide:

    1-A personal motivation video of you in English (of 2 minutes length):

    The jury expects you to describe your professional project and the reasons why you have chosen this programme.
    It will be sent as a mp4 1280x720 in H264 with the following title: Motiv_Name_First, 25ips.

    2-A demo reel of your work (of 3 minutes max):

    It will be sent as a 1280x720 mp4 in H264, 25ips, with the following title: Reel_Name_First
    With the following requirements: 

    • Opening title card with your name and first name (2 seconds max)
    • No added music 
    • If group work, please mention your role or roles (either with onscreen text or via voiceover)
    • 2D and 3D exercises: mention the techniques employed 
    • Show making-of footage for group work
    • Graphic design, artwork and drawing sequence (2 seconds max per still image) 
    • Closing title card with a list of software used (2 seconds max)    

    3-And the following documents: 

    • Photocopy of ID document: passport or ID card
    • Proof of obtained qualifications: photocopy of higher education degrees, diplomas, certificates etc.
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Academic reference
    • Professional reference if need be.
  • And then?

  • What is the format of the interview?

  • What am I going to be asked during the interview?

  • How many sessions of admissions will there be?

  • Why is there 3 admission sessions?

  • Can I apply to the three sessions?

  • What if I am admitted but I only graduate in the summer after my admission?

  • I am selected but I can’t come next year. Can I reserve my place for the year after?

  • What is the validation of the programme? 

  • Is there an age limit to apply to the English Track?

  • What is the admission process?

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