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Marec Fritzinger has been working professionally in feature animation for the past 25 years, most notably with Walt Disney Feature Animation, Illumination Mac Guff and Universal Studios. He began his career with Pannonia Film Studios in Budapest, Hungary. Continuing his training studying traditional animation at the Ballyfermot Senior College in Dublin, Ireland in 1991-93. In 1994 Marec joined the crew of Walt Disney Feature Animation in Paris where he participated in such films as Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Hercules and the Emperor's New Groove. He has also a passion for sharing his experience through teaching and has conducted animation workshops at film-schools and production studios worldwide for the past 10 years. Marec has repeatedly lectured at the Les Gobelins in Paris, The Animation Workshop in Viborg, ifs International Filmschool in Cologne, TEC de Monterrey and SAE Institut in Mexico. Marec continues to stay heavily involved in animation production as an art director, designer and layout artist while continuing to work as a production designer, concept & storyboard artist for live action projects.

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