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Béatrice Lartigue

Béatrice Lartigue, New Media Artist & Designer | Teacher
Epure Member of Lab212 Collective Lab212
Béatrice Lartigue is a new media artist & designer. With a poetic and humanistic approach, she enjoys designing for people, regardless their age or their technological background. Béatrice likes having a global vision of the projects she’s working on, and using her skills in architecture to think about spaces around physical installations.
Prix et distinctions :
Haikus Interactifs 1 of 12 overall Winners: "Z..."
Google's International Art Prize, DevArt
Overall Winner: "Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia"
European Street Design Challenge
Overall Winner: "Rain-bows"
Europrix Multimedia Awards
Overall Winner & Interactive Installation Winner: "Mü"

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