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Antoine ANTIN

After graduating from Gobelins in 2001, Antoine Antin started his career as 2D Animator co-directing the award-winning short film The butterfly. He is known to be a specialist of female characters in realistic animation. Antoine has worked for many studios between Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles on productions such as Kung Fu Panda 3, Me & my Shadow and Monkeys of Mumbai (© DreamWorks), The Red Turtle (© Ghibli), Curious George (© Universal), Space Dandy (© Bones), Urbance (© Steambot), Zarafa (© Prima Linea), Asterix & the Vikings (© M6 Films), etc… He was also a Supervising Animator on The Illusionnist (© Pathé Pictures). Antoine also works as a Storyboard Artist on feature films (Mune, A Monster in Paris, Ballerina). Alongside studio productions, Antoine has been teaching animation at Gobelins since 2002. Based on his experience between France, Japan and the USA, he also gives lectures on how to improve efficiency in producing 2D animation.

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