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Application process

  • What if I am admitted but I only graduate in the summer after my admission?

    If you graduate after your admission,
    For example: you are admitted in February but you will obtain a Bachelor the following June,
    You will receive a conditional offer from GOBELINS indicating that your admission will be definitive providing you get your Bachelor.
    Once you get your Bachelor you have to send GOBELINS an official proof of success. You will then receive a letter from GOBELINS with your definitive offer.
    Equivalents levels are can also be accepted.

  • I am selected but I can’t come next year. Can I reserve my place for the year after?

  • What is the validation of the programme? 

  • Is there an age limit to apply to the English Track?

  • What is the admission process?

  • What should I prepare and send for the admissibility stage?

  • And then?

  • What is the format of the interview?

  • What am I going to be asked during the interview?

  • How many sessions of admissions will there be?

  • Why is there 3 admission sessions?

  • Can I apply to the three sessions?

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